Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Southampton restaurants

The food of Japan is really something to marvel at. No other nation seems to place such emphasis on beautiful presentation and the results are just incredible. We at Deliveroo know a fantastic Japanese restaurant when we see it, so check out our listings for Southampton, where we’ve gathered the menus of the city’s best Japanese eateries – we’re certain you’ll be impressed. 

It’s not just the food that’ll impress you though – it’s our delivery service too. You see, with Deliveroo, what you get isn’t just an ordinary takeaway, rather it’s a restaurant-quality meal brought to your door. What you get with us is the pleasure of dining out with all the advantages of dining in. This simple idea is even simpler in practice because all you need to do is click a few buttons to make it happen. Look through our Japanese menus online and select some great dishes.

Southampton: Top for Japanese cuisine

Japan has such an interesting culture and the food can be really fascinating. The Japanese restaurants found in the UK represent the cuisine well and in Southampton there’s no shortage of passionate chefs who work hard to produce excellent results. Which of their fantastic creations will you go for though? 

Everyone knows and loves a bit of tempura. This is a far cry from the classic English fried fish found in fish and chip shops. There is something typically Japanese about the extremely light batter and the delicately fried prawns and vegetables. Tempura makes an excellent starter and a fun-sharing dish. Being a selection of both fish and vegetables, it’s a nice way for meat-eaters and vegetarians to share too. 

For a main it’s hard to beat the beloved katsu curry. It’s unlike any curry you’ll find in an Indian curry house. A pork or chicken fillet is coated in breadcrumbs and fried until crisp and golden. It’s then chopped and served with a delicious rich curry sauce on a bed of fluffy white rice. It might just be the perfect curry, but we’ll leave it to you to decide. So hit our online menus and start choosing!