Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Hereford restaurants

Japanese food is more popular than ever, with a real increase in appreciation for this delicate, balanced cuisine all over the world. The UK in particular has embraced Japanese cooking, and it’s easy to find excellent Japanese restaurants in every city across the country. Hereford is no different, with plenty of Japanese food on offer. Whether you already have your favourite restaurant, or you’re looking for inspiration, we can make sure you get restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your own home.

All you need to do is have a look through our extensive listings and decide what you would like to eat. There’s a lot to choose from, so take your time – it can be tricky! Then simply order online and start warming your sake while we do the hard work for you. Before you know it, we’ll be knocking on your door with your delicious takeaway delivery.

Hereford: Find your ideal Japanese banquet through Deliveroo

Whether you’re looking for sushi, sashimi, or ramen, we can help you find the ideal Japanese food. If you’re serving up a feast for lots of people, it’s a good idea to order in lots of small dishes. Plonk them on the table and let everyone help themselves – it’s a great way keep everyone happy! With plenty of vegetarian options, often using substitutes like tofu, and plenty of fish dishes, Japanese cuisine pleases most tastes.

Lots of complex ingredients, herbs and spices are used to give that quintessentially Japanese taste we know and love. If you’re after something warming and simple, try some ramen. This noodle and broth combo comes in loads of different varieties, using lots of different ingredients. Another hugely popular dish is okonomiyaki. A cross between an omelette and a pizza, you can choose any kind of topping you like, from sliced meat to cheese.

For some crispy deep-fried morsels, try tempura. Pieces of seafood and veggies are dipped in a very light batter and quickly deep-fried in sesame oil. Tempura fried properly isn’t soggy and greasy – it’s light and tasty. Eat with a bowl of rice for a complete and delicious meal.