Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Guildford restaurants

Japanese food is all about fragrant soups, delicate little dishes and hearty curries - we’ve gathered some of the best out there especially for you. See our Japanese restaurants and menus in Guildford for a fine selection of this amazing cuisine.

If you haven’t quite mastered chopsticks yet then don’t fret, we won’t judge you! In fact, you can eat however you prefer because we bring top quality restaurant cooking to your home. Dress up or get comfy, lay the table and light a candle, or just relax on the sofa - it’s your call. How you enjoy it is up to you but with Deliveroo you won’t have to compromise on the quality of your meal. Look through the options, place your order and get ready for our delivery. It’s a far cry from the average takeaway. This is exquisite Japanese cuisine brought straight to you.

Guildford: An authentic taste of Japan

The refinement of Japanese cuisine somehow suits the county town of Surrey. Guildford’s Japanese restaurants are top-notch and provide some delicious delicacies as well as all the classics of Japanese cooking that you know and love.

The traditional Tonkatsu comes heavily recommended and can be found in various dishes. Tonkatsu is a bit like a German schnitzel- a thick slice of pork that is covered in breadcrumbs and then fried. In Japanese cooking it is often paired with shredded cabbage, rice and pickles but is perhaps best enjoyed in a Katsu curry. The sweet sauce of this dish complements the pork perfectly and comes with special Japanese curry rice for a very satisfying meal.

Alternatively, tempura with rice makes for an exciting dinner, or simply a delicious side dish by itself. Using seafood or vegetables, small pieces are carefully seasoned then coated in a special batter before being quickly fried. Lighter than most batters, this Japanese speciality is a good option for both meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. In particular, Ebi and Kinoko -that’s prawn and mushroom - are extremely popular choices. Whatever you choose you can rest assured that with Deliveroo you’ll be in for a delicious delivery.