Order Italian takeaway from nearby Durham restaurants

Italian food is known for its incorporation of only the freshest ingredients, lovingly prepared by skilled chefs. It’s well known that the flavours of the Mediterranean are always popular in the UK, with hungry customers loving the delights of authentic pizza, pasta and fish dishes. And there are many excellent Italian restaurants in Durham to choose from.

At Deliveroo, we only work with the finest Italian restaurants to offer you home delivery of superior quality takeaway. Any Italian dish you order through us will reach your house fresh and hot straight from the kitchen where it was prepared by a professional chef. So, whether you’re looking for a dinner party banquet of dishes, or just want to enjoy a proper pizza in the comfort of your own home, we can help. Now all you have to do is decide which dishes to order.

Durham: Brilliant Italian food available for home delivery

Are you looking for Italian food ideas that don’t include the regular pizzas and pastas? Why don’t you try something on the healthy side, such as Tuscan panzanella, a savoury salad with vegetables, bread and tomato sauce, all seasoned with herb. Or perhaps you fancy stuffed peppers filled with gorgonzola or mozzarella cheese, Arborio rice and Italian sausage, for a light but delicious dish.

If you want change from pasta, you could go for risotto. This creamy rice dish can be made with fillings ranging from mushrooms and legumes to different meat and seafood, cooked with stock and wine. Ideal as a starter or for a main dish, there are lots of regional variations of risotto to choose from. Milanese risotto is a favourite, cooked with just the simple flavour of saffron.

For dessert, enjoy a tiramisu. This dish comes in layers of sponge with mascarpone cream layered in between coffee-soaked sponge. There's lots of other Italian desserts on offer too, like silky panna cotta or classic gelato. Whatever you want for your Italian banquet, we can help. See our listings for inspiration and Deliveroo will be with you before you know it.