Order Halal takeaway from nearby York restaurants

Just as the demand for organic and free range foods has grown in recent times, so the popularity of halal food has grown. Simply put, halal foods are foods that are permissible for Muslims to eat. But we can all learn from the tradition. Halal foods must be ethically sourced and killed, dishes must contain no animal by-products, pork is out, and foods must be processed as little as possible. Vegetarian dishes are considered halal.

Halal principles are especially prevalent in Middle Eastern and North African cooking. That gives any halal hunter a vibrant and varied mix of dishes to choose from. And here at Deliveroo, we're here to help! We've searched the historic cathedral city of York to bring you authentic halal dishes, freshly made to order by professional chefs in halal-certified restaurants, and ready for delivery straight to your door! Just order from our online menu listings now.

York: Halal heaven in the North

With an emphasis on ethical sources and demanding the ethical preparation of meat, halal food could be an appropriate philosophy for many of us these days, with growing concerns over processed food and the unethical treatment of animals. With the movement towards free range and organic methods and foods, halal cuisine is growing in popularity outside of its geographical origins. While pork is not permitted, halal food is incredibly rich and varied, drawn mostly from Middle Eastern and North African cuisines.

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