Order Halal takeaway from nearby Brighton restaurants

Brighton is known for being a party city given the huge university that dominates the area. There are some foods that Brighton is known for and in recent years, halal has become far more popular as a cuisine option. The restaurants in the city cover a wide range; some are purely halal and others have halal offerings. If you’re looking for amazing food after a long day’s work, Deliveroo can bring you the best of what Brighton has to offer.

Usually a favourite of Indian and Asian cuisines, you could tuck into a fragrant chicken tikka masala paired with naan breads of different flavours. If you aren’t a particular fan of Asian food, you’ll be pleased that you could have fried chicken and chips, fish and chips or even ice cream! When you don’t want to cook or go out, Deliveroo are here with high-quality halal options.

Brighton: Quality halal food waiting for you

Brighton is all about great food and great festivals, and while exploring the lanes of the city, you can find just these things. In a town as multicultural as Brighton, there’s a whole range of cuisines on offer, so whether you prefer halal Indian food or Arabic or Turkish, there are options for all. From sticky bitesize pieces of lamb drizzled in delicious sauce to sloppy joe hot dogs, halal has something for everyone.

Travel around the world from the sofa in your home and order cuisines from far-flung places. All that can be done with Deliveroo, so take the time to peruse the online menus we’ve gathered from the city’s best restaurants, and choose everything from starters to desserts. Go Mexican with a hot chilli con carne paired with crispy tortillas, or go British with the finest hunks of cod and huge hand-cut chips.

At Deliveroo, we make a point of providing the best home delivery service. We are all about premium quality and that means you can expect excellent takeaway food. With such a range of options available, covering many cuisines, you could be setting your own table tonight, so why not order now? We’re hungry – are you?