Greek food delivery in Coventry

Apart from being delicious, the great thing about the food of Greece is that it brings a little taster of the Mediterranean to Britain. So, whether the sun is blazing or the skies are grey, raise your spirits the Greek way! Our menus have a lot to offer, so have a look and see what you’re in the mood for.

At Deliveroo, we understand that sometimes you crave for a delicious meal without the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant. Well that’s where we come in. We bring you great top quality takeaway food from excellent restaurants to your front door, all with a few simple clicks of a button. Check out our restaurant and menu options for Coventry, choose something tantalising to the tongue and send your order our way. A great Greek delivery isn’t far off, so kick back and relax.

Coventry: Gorgeous Greek cuisine

Coventry’s chefs have an extraordinary knack for turning out amazing meals. The dedicated experts behind the scenes of its Greek restaurants are certainly no exception. That homely spirit of Mediterranean cooking is available through Deliveroo and can be enjoyed in your very own home.

A nice selection of dips is perhaps the best way to kick off any Greek meal. Everyone knows about hummus and tzatziki, but less celebrated is taramosalata. Made with cod roe, olive oil and lemon, this straight-forward combination is particularly irresistible with strips of warm pitta bread and Kalamata olives. Alternatively, calamari – that most moreish dish of battered and fried squid—or grilled sardines make excellent appetisers that always leaves you wanting more.

As a main course, a simple salted and grilled seabass finished off with a squeeze of lemon is a pleasingly rustic choice. But if you’re feeling like something meaty, then a classic Greek kebab is more like it. Lamb, chicken, and sometimes pork, is roughly cubed, skewered and cooked over charcoal with peppers and tomatoes before serving with a wholesome portion of rice. Drizzled with minty yoghurt this is quite simply divine!