Dessert delivery in Guildford

No meal is truly complete without a delightful dessert. But who says you can’t just skip the main course and go straight to dessert? It’s the ultimate indulgence and we at Deliveroo definitely approve! Have a look at our dessert menus for Guildford for some inspiration.

For some foodies, any good pudding has to include chocolate, and lots of it. For others, there’s nothing better than that sharp kick of lemon with lightly whipped cream. Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered. At Deliveroo we know a good restaurant when we see it and we’re proud to bring amazing food straight to your door. It’s no ordinary takeaway but something a little bit special. Head to our menu section, place your dessert order and wait for our delivery. You’ll be indulging that sweet tooth soon.

Guildford: Delight in some devilish desserts

Guildford has a huge range of amazing restaurants and they all produce great desserts. The standards are high and everything is so delicious that the only problem is choosing what to eat.

French cuisine has a long tradition of incredible desserts. In fact, French pastry chefs train for years to craft such perfect and elegant creations. The classic lemon tarte is a refined and tasteful masterpiece that is very hard to beat. The pastry is enriched with egg and sweetened with just a little sprinkle of sugar before being baked in the oven. Once it’s at the perfect crunchy texture the creamy lemon filling is added and it is baked again for the beautiful flavour you know and love. Finally, an artistic dusting of icing sugar finishes this tarte off beautifully.

If that sounds a bit too traditional, then an American-style dessert might be more of your thing. Following recent foodie fashion, huge stacks of thick, fluffy, pancakes with whipped cream and syrup have become a favourite in the UK. These desserts are absolutely delicious, so make sure to leave lots of room for the plethora of sweet treats on offer.