Dessert Delivery in Cardiff

Night in with your partner? Fancy devine helpings of ice-cream or chocolate cake? Maybe you’ve had a great meal but want something even better to finish it off. No matter the reason, Deliveroo have an amazing array of dessert selections available for delivery. Our tantalising range of trifles, crumbles, puddings and pies will satisfy the sugary cravings and desires of even the most sinful dessert fiends out there!

Deliveroo is the best place to order great dessert food straight to your door. Why not indulge in a devilish sweet designed to tickle your palette and fill the senses with pure, luscious pleasure. One or two scoops of luxurious Italian ice cream won’t hurt now will it? You deserve it. Picture a sticky toffee pudding so soft that it melts in your mouth. Is a strawberry gateaux more your thing? Crispy and sweet outside, chewy and oh so good inside!

Cardiff: Representing the sweet toothed connoisseurs of fine Desserts

It was the Italian immigrants who arrived in the UK that brought the concept of ice cream to Wales. From the 1890s onwards, they began to open up cafes, ice cream parlours and even sell from carts around the streets and houses of the valley towns. It became a seaside favourite and top selling dessert in restaurants.

Go nuts for some silky chocolate mousse with a choice of fresh berries. But don’t forget about the teeth licking Tiramisu: an Italian layered, mascarpone sponge cake, soaked in coffee and liqueur and topped with powdered chocolate. A little cream will finish the job nicely! In the winter months, nothing beats a warm apple pie and hot thick Devonshire custard -- while a refreshing sorbet provides the perfect summer cooler. Whatever the weather, dessert has the ability to make any day special.

Cardiffians are blessed with a fantastic selection and one of our favourites is the cheeky Petit Gâteau -- a small chocolate cake with a crunchy rind and chewy, fondant centre filled with nuts, sugar and cream as you get nearer the middle. So don’t delay. Log in and order takeaway dessert through Deliveroo today!