Chinese takeaway from nearby Southport restaurants

China has been perfecting its many wok-fried delights for hundreds of years. But this isn’t just a cuisine about fried noodles and rice. For a taste of the Orient in Southport, delve into our handy Deliveroo section for Chinese food.

In Chinese culture, a meal is meant to be savoured at a leisurely pace – enjoyed to its fullest alongside good friends. This laid-back ambiance is too often lost in noisy restaurants, where waiters hover at the fringes of your table, poised to swoop down, spirit away your plates and settle the next group of diners into your still-warm seats. Chinese is a popular takeaway option for a reason; in your own domain, you can take your time and share food at a relaxed pace. Whether you’re pining for plum sauce ribs or feeling ecstatic about egg rolls, Deliveroo can deliver all the classics at your convenience.

Chinese: A takeaway favourite in Southport

If you’ve ordered sweet and sour pork or chow mein more times than you can count (no judgement; these are delicious dishes), consider some regional possibilities. Every province in China is home to its own unique food. Something special from Southport’s Chinese restaurants is bound to take your fancy. Besides Beijing’s famous crispy duck, how about a delivery of Sichuan pepper chicken or Shanghai soup dumplings?

Perhaps the best thing about Chinese food is that you’re under no obligation to settle on any one dish. Why not order several dishes to share? Go ahead, fill your plate with a variety of sweet, savoury and flat-out spicy offerings – this will leave no room for arguments!

For the vegetarians, a number of equally moreish dishes exist. Tofu makes a great meat substitute, readily soaking up the flavours from the many tasty sauces of Chinese cuisine. A stir-fry containing baby corn and shiitake mushrooms is just one other great umami choice that meat eaters will also enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some chopsticks and prepare to bond over this endlessly tasty food – or maybe over your joint failed attempts to use chopsticks!