Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Norwich restaurants

Norwich, we know you love your Chinese food. The number of fine Chinese restaurants dotted around the city is indicative of a population with a penchant for wonton soup. Deliveroo love Chinese food as much as you do, and our takeaway delivery service makes it easier than ever for you to get your hands on it.

As much as you like sweet and sour chicken, the Chinese restaurant experience can often be more sour than sweet. Long queues and a noisy environment can detract from you truly enjoying your egg drop soup to the extent you should. However, Deliveroo bring you all the flavours of the restaurant, without any of the distractions. Our extensive online listings offer you access to the best local Chinese restaurants you could find in the city. Then, our excellent delivery team will bring you hearty portions of Chinese fare directly to your door!

Norwich: Classic Chinese cuisine comes to you!

By design, Chinese food is made for the takeaway experience. Its hefty portions of chicken and vegetables, and its tubs of steamed rice make it the perfect food for the family. There’s no better conversation-starter than cashew chicken. So, allow Deliveroo to help take your dinners to the next level. Chinese food delivery isn’t exactly a new concept, but we have perfected it, bringing only the highest quality.

Simply, browse through Deliveroo’s online menu listings and you’ll be able to select dishes from some of the finest Chinese eateries in the Norwich area. Choose your favourite restaurant, place your order, and then kick back and relax. In no time, a member of our team will arrive at your door, toting a mountain of moo shoo pork designed for your eating pleasure!

Tonight, do yourself a flavour favour, and order Chinese food, but do it the right way. Allow us to curate your selection: Only the most sumptuous sesame chicken, the freshest fried rice, and the richest egg rolls will do. With the finest foods and the friendliest service, courtesy of our dedicated team. Excellent Chinese food is in your future – no fortune cookie required!