Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Cardiff restaurants

Deliveroo’s excellent Chinese section for Cardiff is here with a stunning range of restaurants and selections on offer. Spicy or sweet? Do you enjoy a tangy taste or a crispy crunch? With a glass of wine or beer? Log in! It’s all on the menu. Finger-licking sauces and memorable tastes are what Chinese food is all about. Mix classic dishes with exotic variations of rice and noodles and you’re sorted.

With Deliveroo, you can savour succulent Chinese food without leaving the house. That's a more appealing prospect than venturing out to burn a big hole in your wallet or wasting precious time cooking. So, don’t trouble yourself. Relax and let us bring this famous tasting cuisine to you! Order a delicious Chinese takeaway and we'll bring it from the restaurant's kitchen straight to your front door.

Cardiff: Top notch choices in Chinese cuisine

Everyone knows Cardiff is well stocked when it comes to Chinese restaurants. They are scattered all over town, offering a large variety of meals and menus for locals and tourists alike. Whether you want prawn crackers or perhaps a bit of Peking duck and boiled rice, Deliveroo’s service will put the “sweet” into sweet and sour! Swipe the tablet and log in to select what will be the easiest meal you’ve ever ordered.

Chinese cooking combines a number of clean and wholesome flavours, such as salty, spicy, sour, sweet, and bitter. The fresh ingredients are said to be good for the body and are used medicinally, depending on the time of year or season.

Have you considered experimenting with some less well-known options like sesame ginger chicken with Yanghou fried rice? Chicken chow mein has been a staple since its appearance in the late 60s. But what about grilled coconut lobster? That will get the taste buds going! Spring rolls and an array of scrumptious meat and chicken dishes make Chinese food a standard choice for the Eastern connoisseurs in Cardiff.