Breakfast food delivery in Manchester

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you need to make the most of it in order to set you up for the day. During the week, breakfast is forgotten about as you rush around trying to prepare for a busy day at work. At the weekend, it’s a different story - your morning is yours and you should use it wisely! What better way to make the most out of a lazy Sunday than having a tasty takeaway of breakfast food delivered right to your door?  

Stay in bed and order in a delivery of freshly made French toast with crispy bacon, a thick smoothie bursting at the seams with berries and bananas or Belgian style waffles topped with cream and nuts. Whatever your heart desires in Manchester, it can become a reality with Deliveroo. 

Manchester: begin the day with a bulging Breakfast

It’s time to claim back your weekend mornings by staying out of the kitchen, and staying away from the city centre. Excessive waits in quaint eateries or the big name restaurants to enjoy your breakfast is not ideal. You want to relax and enjoy your food in a quiet, tranquil environment - like your own kitchen? 

Let someone else do the hard work - like the talented chefs in some of the best restaurants in the city. Whatever you’re after, you’ll be able to enjoy it in no time with a delivery from Deliveroo. Go continental with croissants, cinnamon rolls and Danish pastries. Opt for a classic and order in eggs Benedict or a crunchy toasted bagel slathered in cream cheese. On a health kick? Then you need avocado on toast, acai bowls or a helping of granola covered in fruit and yogurt. All these options are at your fingertips with Deliveroo! 

There’s no end to your options for breakfast restaurants or breakfast foods so order in with Deliveroo today. You can wake up and smell the freshly brewed coffee: make that a shot of espresso with a foamy helping of smooth milk to make an enviable cappuccino!