Breakfast delivery in Guildford

Whether you’re after a long and leisurely weekend brunch or a quick and healthy working breakfast at the office, you’re in the right place. We at Deliveroo know it’s important to start the day off properly, so have a look at our menus for Guildford and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect way to start your day.

From juices packed full of goodness to the traditional English fry-up, we’ve got a massive range of breakfast and brunch food options for Guildford. The best part is that you don’t need to trek out to a café or restaurant to get it as we’ll deliver to you. All you need to do is look through our delicious menus, pick out a favourite or two and place your order. Then, sit back and wait for our delivery. It’s top quality takeaway breakfast and it even comes with a free smile!

Guildford: Brilliant for breakfast

Guildford has a diverse range of eateries that serve up a truly great breakfast. From cafes to coffee
shops and restaurants, there’s a lot to choose from. We’ve picked out some of the tastiest around to
provide you with the start you deserve.

The continental breakfast is a long-established favourite, and with good reason. There’s something so sophisticated about a strong cup of coffee and a warm croissant. The flaky puff pastry of the croissant, with all those light and airy layers and the rich buttery flavour, may be a very familiar taste, but it’s still a treat for the taste buds when cooked to perfection by an expert baker. A nice dollop of good strawberry jam completes this French classic.

Alternatively, of course there’s the good old English fry-up. Just think of those beautifully cooked fried eggs, the meaty sausages, the crispy bacon, and maybe even a slice of fried bread? It’s famous the world over and it never disappoints. There’s just a heartiness to this breakfast that’s so English, and so delicious that nothing quite compares. Whatever you choose this morning you’ll be in for a great meal, so don’t get too hungry and place that order!