Yang Sing

In the heart of Chinatown- family run Yang Sing is Manchester’s favourite Chinese. With recipes passed down through the family, their dishes are perfect for sharing or to delight in by yourself. Sample delicious dim sum or even enjoy classic crispy duck.


  • 灌汤小笼包 Xialongbau (6 Pcs)star_filled

    Shanghai style pork dumplings 'xiaolongbau'.

  • 上海生煎包 Pan Fried Shanghai Style Pork Buns (5pc)star_filled

    Pan Fried Dim Sum

  • 香酥鸭(四份之一只)配海鲜酱 Crispy Duck with Pancakes - Quarter (N-sauce)star_filled

    Sharing Dishes

  • 甜酸咕噜鸡 Classic Sweet and Sour Chicken (GF) (H)star_filled

    Chicken Dishes

  • 干牛丝 Double Cooked Crispy Chilli Beefstar_filled

    Beef Dishes

  • 豉汁蒸肉排 Steamed Ribsstar_filled

    Steamed mini belly ribs with garlic and black bean