Wongs Chinese Restaurant

🎉🎉🎉Winners of the BBC's The Best of British Takeaways competition🎉🎉🎉 According to the BBC "This restaurant takes Chinese food in the UK to a new level". We represent all of the Chinese culinary regions and specialise in strong Sichuan flavors and traditional Chinese dishes. If you like spicy food, please come here for the challenge; if you like authentic Chinese flavours, we are here for you!


  • Business Meal A for 1 person 小商一人餐star_filled

    1 choice of starter 1 choice of Protein 1 choice of Rice

  • Dim Sum Platter 点心拼盘star_filled

    Mixed dim sum platter - Pork & Prawn Siu Mai - Steam Pork Dumplings - Prawn Rice dumpling - Shanghai steam dumplings Above listed 2 each

  • BBC Winner Vegetable Spring rolls(V) 素春卷star_filled

    Deep-Fried Pastry Wrapped with pure vegetables.

  • Salty and pepper Squid 椒盐鱿鱼star_filled

    Deep fried squid with salty, pepper and chili

  • Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls 咕鸡球star_filled

    Deep-Fried chicken balls with sweet and sour sauce

  • Set Dinner A (For 2-3 People) 兩人A餐star_filled

    Prawn crackers, house daily mixed hors d’ oeuvres, sweet and sour chicken, beef with ginger onion, village style pork, two jasmine rice/plain noodles.