Vital Ingredient

Since opening back in 2006 this fast food chain has been busy giving our fast food scene a healthier name. In fact, they were one of the first chains in the UK to focus on clean-eating, serving up a nourishing menu of crisp salads and hearty wraps.


  • Meal Deal for 1

    Pick a salad, snack & drink.

  • Tuna Nicoise

    Tuna, egg, olives, pickled red onion, tomatoes, french dressing.

  • Banging Piri

    Chicken, avocado, supergrains, feta, pickled veg, sweet potato & sweetcorn with piri piri dressing.

  • Super Cobb

    Chicken, crispy bacon, chunky avocado, free range egg & baby plum tomatoes with blue cheese dressing.

  • Muscle Builder

    Double chicken, cheddar, baked egg whites, baby plum tomatoes, sweet potato, sweetcorn, ranch dressing.

  • Salmon Greens and Grains

    Salmon, sweet potato, avocado, pesto, edamame, super grains, baby plum tomatoes, lemon juice and olive oil.