Vegan Dough Co

Vegan Dough Co are passionate purveyors of plant-based pizzas! Indulgent, chef-curated vegan pizzas & sides offer a cleaner, more sustainable choice without compromise on taste or flavour. This is #FreedomFood!


  • Any Two for You Combostar_filled

    Any 2 Pizzas for a score… Delish!

  • Garlic Bread (vg)star_filled

    Ciabatta, Vegan Garlic Butter, Vegan Cheese, Parsley

  • Loaded Wedges (vg)star_filled

    Chipotle Vegan Queso, Vegan Chorizo, Red Onions, Picked Jalapenos, Coriander

  • Chipotle Mac & Cheese (vg)star_filled

    Elbo Macaroni, Chipotle Cashew Sauce, Vegan Cheese

  • Sweet Potato Wedges (vg)star_filled

    Sweet Chilli Glaze, Green Onion, Sesame Seeds

  • Lunch Deal (vg) (Until 5pm)star_filled

    Our classic vegan margarita and drink for a tenner - available until 5pm each day