Umai Mi

Umai Mi delivers modern and chic dining specialising in Pan-Asian cuisine. Umai Mi is a fusion of traditional and modern cooking that will take you on a culinary journey, longing for the next bite


  • Korean Fried Chicken 🌶 (Ce) (Gl) (Mu) (Se) (So) 韩国炸鸡 star_filled

    In a sweet & spicy sauce.

  • Chicken Gyoza 6pc (Gl) (Se) (So) 煎雞餃star_filled

    Pan fried & steamed.

  • Rainbow Roll 8pc 🌶(C) (Gfa) (Cr) (Eg) (Fi) (Gl) (Mu) (Se) (So) 吞拿三文魚返卷star_filled

    Avocado, crabstick, togarashi, nori, sushi rice wrapped with slices of salmon and tuna, topped with teriyaki sauce & japanese mayo.

  • Green Dragon Roll 8pc (C) (Cr) (Eg) (Gl) (Se) (So) 青龍返卷star_filled

    Prawn tempura, cucumber, nori, sushi rice wrapped with avocado, topped with eel sauce & sesame seeds.

  • Duck Donburi (Gfa) (Eg) (Gl) (So) 日式鴨絲丼star_filled

    Served with shoyu egg, cucumber, spring onion & pickled radish in teriyaki sauce served on jasmine rice.

  • Thai Style Prawn Crackers 🌶 (Gf) (Cr) 泰式虾片

    Served with sweet chilli sauce.