Tortellini cup, with its deep roots in Emilia-Romagna nestled within the culinary centre of Italy serves authentic Italian dishes with a modern twist. Developed from recipes refined over generations, Tortellini Cup serves fresh delicious food with heart.


  • Fusillistar_filled

    Freshly prepared with whole eggs and flour. Home-made Italian 'spiral' pasta freshly prepared at Tortellini Cup. A fairy favourite and a perfect match for our vegetarian Ortolana sauce. Of course you can also select from any of Tortellini Cup’s other delicious sauces!

  • Gramignastar_filled

    Prepared with whole eggs, flour and spinach. Fresh Italian pasta shaped in a short tube with a slight curl to catch just the right amount of sauce with every bite. Traditionally served our rustic sausage and cream sauce. Of course you can select from any of Tortellini Cup’s other delicious sauces!

  • Trofiestar_filled

    Prepared with flour and water. Fresh Italian pasta with a twist for an 'al dente' bite from Liguria. A perfect match for our homemade fresh basil pesto. Also delicious with other sauces!

  • Whole Wheat Maccheronistar_filled

    Freshly prepared with whole wheat flour and water. A lower carb option packed with nutty flavours freshly made by your Tortellini Cup team. Enjoy with our home sauces, lovingly prepared in the Tortellini Cup Kitchen.

  • Traditional Tortellini from Modenastar_filled

    Modena, the home town of Pavarotti and Ferrari also has a long and proud culinary tradition of serving traditional Tortellini. Filled with Italian Ham and Parmigiano cheese, this is an authentic taste of rural Italy.

  • Modena

    Ham tortellini with cream, 1 tigella filled with parma ham, 1 tigella filled with stracchino cheese & rocket, 1 tiramisu.