The Raj Of Kensington

Led by a chef passionate about that era in history, The Raj of Kensington serves up regional cuisines of India made popular during the period of British rule. Opt for a Tandoor Ka Khazana, dishes char-grilled in a traditional clay oven.


  • Punjabi Samosastar_filled

    The Classic Samosa, stuffed with tempered potatoes, ginger and spices, tamarind & green chutney.

  • Butter Chicken (Delhi)star_filled

    Marinated grilled chicken simmered in buttery tomatoes and fenugreek leaves.

  • CTM (1970s Glasgow, Scotland)star_filled

    Chicken tikka masala, A British national favourite. “Enough said.”

  • Tadka Dal star_filled

    Slowly cooked yellow lentils tempered with garlic.

  • Dal Makhani star_filled

    Black lentils cooked overnight, finished with cream.

  • Papadoms