The Pit


  • Pit Nuggetsstar_filled

    Crispy fried chicken breast with BBQ, ranch or hot & spicy sauce.

  • Chicken & Pancettastar_filled

    Grilled chicken, crispy pancetta, sautéed sweet potatoes, green beans, roasted peppers, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, mixed leaf, poached egg, caesar dressing.

  • Chicagostar_filled

    Double beef burger, smoked pancetta, American cheese, iceberg, diced onions, jalapenos, pickles, mayo, French’s mustard, ketchup.

  • Makin' Baconstar_filled

    Double bacon burger, American cheese, pulled pork, smoked pancetta, onion ring, BBQ sauce, baconnaise, shredded iceberg.

  • Hog Heavenstar_filled

    Frazzled bacon, melted cheese, smoked pulled pork, house baconnaise, BBQ sauce.

  • Classicstar_filled

    Melted cheese, fresh avocado, tomato salsa & sour cream.