Thai River

Thai River focusses on the dishes of Western Thailand, next to the Burmese border. It's picked up enthusiastic reviews from The Durham Advertiser for dishes like their Pork massaman – slow-cooked to perfection in a mild but flavourful coconut curry.


  • Salt n Pepper Squidstar_filled

    Crispy calamari with crispy shallots, fresh chilli, garlic, and pepper.

  • Dim Sumstar_filled

    Steam dumpling stuffed with mixture of pork, bamboo shoot, mushroom and crab stick wrapped in wonton pasty.

  • Green Curry (Chicken)star_filled

    Creamy and extremely delicious, Thai green curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoot, aubergine, basil leave and green curry paste.

  • Crispy Porkstar_filled

    Thai style crispy pork with rice served with Pak Choi.

  • Pad Thaistar_filled

    Thailand’s national dish with chicken and prawn, rice noodle, egg, bean sprouts and spring onion stir fried with tamarind sauce.

  • Thai River Platterstar_filled

    Mixed appetisers supreme: Kai Satay, Toong Thong, Tod Mun Pla, Poh Pia Pak, Koong Nam Peung.