Sweet Mandarin

Sweet Mandarin's food focuses on fresh quality produce and locally sourced. Each dish is made from scratch using home made sauces, stocks and fresh ingredients.


  • 8. Sesame Prawn Toast 芝麻蝦多士star_filled

  • 18. Salt and Chilli Chicken Wings 鹽和辣椒雞翅star_filled

  • 35. The General Tse's Sweet and Sour Chicken 謝氏酸甜雞塊star_filled

  • 96. Salt and Pepper Chips 椒鹽薯條star_filled

  • 38GF. Crispy Sichuan Beef 香酥四川牛肉star_filled

    Contains traces of nuts.

  • 6. Prawn Crackers 香脆蝦片