Stack & Grill

Enjoy Rouge favourites at home!


  • Got buns, hun? Bundle for 1star_filled

    1 Burger, a side & a drink

  • The Cheesiest Dealstar_filled

    1 croque, a side & a drink

  • Croque Monsieurstar_filled

    Grilled sourdough sandwich topped with melted cheese and béchamel sauce, filled with smoked ham and dijon mayo

  • 6 piecesstar_filled

  • Fried Camembertstar_filled

    Breaded and deep fried

  • Beef Bourguignon Burgerstar_filled

    6oz Black Angus beef burger topped with crispy bacon, red wine braised onions, Raclette cheese, Comté cheese and truffle sauce and a cèpe mushroom ketchup, served in a brioche bun.