Sprigs Vietnamese Eatery

VietnamesePhoBubble Tea

4.8 500+ Ratings

A balance of vibrant fresh Vietnamese flavours. Discover traditional dishes from our family run eatery from freshly made pho, bespoke baguettes, healthy summer rolls and vermicelli bowls

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  • Grilled Pork

    with lettuce, pickled carrots, white raddish, cucumber, beansprouts, peanuts, scallion oil and nuoc mam dressing

  • Pulled Chicken

    freshly tossed with pickled carrots, white raddish, herbs, sliced chilli, fried shallots, fried garlic in nuoc mam dressing & prawn crackers.

  • Tofu (v)

    Freshly wrapped with rice paper, lettuce, bean sprouts, vermicelli & fresh herbs

  • Special Pork Belly & Vietnamese Ham

    with mayonnaise, cucumber, spring onions, fresh chillies, pickled carrots & coriander

  • Fried Spring Rolls

    Minced chicken, prawn, woodear mushroom & vermicelli

  • Fruit Bubble Tea Party for 4

    Order 4 surprise bubble tea fruit flavours and different toppings in each for your party of 4. Jasmine green tea base.