So! Bar & Eats

An award winning independent bar and eatery offering a varied and interesting menu. It’s famous for its burgers and buttermilk chicken but has a large and eclectic selection suitable for any tastes. If you have room get the sweet chips, pudding heaven.


  • Lost Boy Burger (GFOR)star_filled

    Beef patty stuffed with swis cheese and garlic butter, topped with garlic mushroom, swiss cheese, garlic mayo and salad. Served with fries and slaw.

  • Best Clucking Burger Ever (GFOR)star_filled

    Buttermilk chicken burger topped with smoked bacon, four cheeses, onion rings, salad, mayo and spicy ketchup.

  • Chicken Club Burger (GFOR)star_filled

    Buttermilk chicken burger topped with cheddar, smoked bacon, salad and garlic mayo.

  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken (GF)star_filled

    Chicken breast marinated in buttermilk and dredged in secret spices and served with sweet corn, slaw, fries and a choice of sauce.

  • Mexican Wrap Chicken (GF)star_filled

    Flour tortilla filled with crispy mexican crumbed chicken, salsa, guacamole, soured cream, cheese and leaf.

  • Olives (Veg) (GF)

    Marinated fresh green olives.