Little Waitrose & Partners at Shell Select

Delicious Waitrose food, straight to your doorstep. Whether it’s dinner for tonight, breakfast for tomorrow or treats for right now, you can taste when it’s Waitrose. Delivered in as little as 30 minutes!


  • Waitrose Somerset Cheddar Mature 350gstar_filled

    Handmade at Lye Cross Farm, West Country Farmhouse Cheddar. Handmade in Somerset by third generation farmers, Johnny and Peter Alvis, using milk from their own herd, and other local herds, this Mature Farmhouse Cheddar has been typically aged for twelve months and selected for its fruity and mellow taste.

  • Waitrose Pinot Grigio 75clstar_filled

    Blueprint wines are crafted to reflect the world's classic regions and styles. Fresh and fruity, this Italian white has juicy peach and pear flavours with light floral notes, and a softness from a small drop of Chardonnay in the blend.

  • B&H Blue Ks 20sstar_filled

    (2 maximum)

  • Marlboro Gold Ks 20sstar_filled

  • Sterling Dual Ks 20sstar_filled

  • WR Hoppy Easter Card X1