Sake no Hana

Modern authentic Japanese dining in Mayfair offering a selection of the finest sushi, sashimi, maki and bento boxes.


  • Chicken gyoza チキン餃子焼きstar_filled

    ponzu, chilli, sesame

  • Tiger prawn tempura roll (6 Pieces) えび天ぷらstar_filled

    tiger prawn with tentsuyu sauce

  • Salmon and avocado roll (6 pieces) サーモンアボカド巻star_filled

    salmon and avocado

  • Salmon sashimi (4 pieces) サーモンstar_filled

    Loch Duart salmon

  • Salmon nigiri (4 pieces) サーモンstar_filled

    Loch Duart salmon

  • Okinawa margarita 沖縄マルガリータstar_filled

    green jalapeno-infused Tapatio tequila, aloe water, blue spirulina, Supasawa, agave