Rusty Bike

Thai city first opened in London's East End, our place has become the dining destination de rigeur for hip socialistas and local foodie. All menu selected from our best dish, and we just create additional dish frpm Noth East Part of Thailand.


  • Squid Todstar_filled

    Deep fried squid with garlic, salt and pepper served with sweet chilli sauce

  • Green Currystar_filled

    Green curry paste cooked with coconut milk with fresh green chillies and sweet basil leaves.

  • Panang Currystar_filled

    Cooked in coconut milk, presented relatively dry and garnished with shredded lime leaves. This curry has mild and rich taste.

  • Pad Thaistar_filled

    Stir fried Thai rice noodles with egg, bean sprouts, spring onions in house sauce (lime and peanuts on the side).

  • Chu Chee Salmonstar_filled

    Poached Salmon fillet glazed with a creamy red curry coconut sauce with hint of lime leaves.

  • Prawn Crackerstar_filled