Wake up and smell the sourdough - Pinkmans bakery hand make everything on site from their sausage rolls to their golden focaccia. You've got to try their brunch-style woodfired pizza, topped with slow-roasted peppers, shakshuka sauce, chorizo and an egg.


  • Bacon Sandwichstar_filled

    In our white sourdough

  • Avocado and sweet chili sauce, seeds, on sourdough toaststar_filled

  • Shakshukastar_filled

    2 eggs, feta cheese and chorizo in spiced tomato sauce

  • Tuna mayo Focacciastar_filled

    Olive kalamatas, capers, spring onions, mayo, rocket

  • Toasted Cheese & Hamstar_filled

    In our white sourdough.

  • Croissant