Pastaio is a fresh pasta restaurant using top-notch British ingredients to create great value, original plates including Spinach spaghetti with rocket puree & Crusco chilli, Rose veal "bolognese bianco", Parlourde clams with Spaghetti Nero and Wild Garlic Pesto Gnocchi.


  • Slow Cooked Tomato Sauce, Parmesan,Radiatorestar_filled

  • Amalfi Lemon, Basil, 3 Year old Parmesan, Spaghettistar_filled

  • Slow cook sausage sauce, chilli, fennel, breadcrumbs, malloredusstar_filled

  • Linguine (500g)star_filled

  • Tiramisustar_filled

  • Meal for 1: Spinach Spaghettistar_filled

    Rosemary Focaccia Pastaio 2019 Olive Oil Crusco Chilli, Rocket, Breadcrumbs, Green Spinach Spaghetti Soft Drink