On The Waterfront

On The Waterfront is an upmarket pub, in an old warehouse. From their kitchen hearty pizzas with an eclectic range of toppings are served up. Why not try their Mexicana? A spicy pizza made with beef chilli, jalapeños, nachos and queso cheese sauce.


  • Classic Bundle for 1star_filled

    Any classic pizza, any tapas or side dish, and a drink.

  • Margherita (V) (VVa) (GFa)star_filled

    Cherry tomato halves, mozzarella and basil oil.

  • Spinny Goat (V) (GFa)star_filled

    Crumbled goat's cheese with spinach, topped with toasted pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes.

  • Spanish Sausage (GFa) (DFa)star_filled

    A rich mix of chorizo, smoked pepperoni and salami sausages.

  • Crispy Duck (GFa) (DFa)star_filled

    Shredded confit duck with cucumber, spring onions and Chinese hoisin sauce.