Ole & Steen

Home of the Cinnamon Social, Ole & Steen is The Danish bakery. Handmade breads, coffees, freshly-baked pastries and cakes, nourishing salads, artisan sandwiches and focaccia toasties including vegetarian and vegan options.


  • Cinnamon Social (Sharer)

    Our famous cinnamon social is our no.1 best-seller in all our bakeries. Enjoy 6 slices to share.

  • Cinnamon Social Slice

    The famous cinnamon social: soft dough pastry filled with vanilla custard and cinnamon paste topped with icing.

  • Olander Loaf

    Wholegrain loaf with biga sourdough and a nordic protein rich olander wheat.

  • Skagen Loaf

    Wholegrain loaf with wheat, wholegrain wheat and rye flour, covered in chia and sunflower seeds.

  • Seeded Rye Loaf

    Rye with 90% seeds and covered in cornflakes for a crisp crust.

  • Chia Rye Loaf

    Rye covered in chia seeds and sunflower seeds.