• Dim Sum Mixstar_filled

    A platter to enjoy all our dumplings! One platter has one char siu bao, one kai bao, two vegetable gyozas and three siu mai.

  • Chicken Currystar_filled

    Diced tender chicken, covered in Oaka special home-made curry sauce. Comes with peas, carrots and spring onions, to ensure a well-balanced meal!

  • Char Siu Porkstar_filled

    Tender slices of in-house roasted pork, with a side of Chinese leaves. Topped with soy sauce and spring onions.

  • Ribs and Black Beanstar_filled

    Small bite size ribs of pork (perfect to be eaten with chopsticks!) cooked in a black bean sauce. Chinese leaves and soy sauces are added at the end.

  • Black Pepper Beefstar_filled

    Delicious, peppery stewed beef with bell peppers and sweet soy sauce.

  • Family Bundlestar_filled

    Dim Sum mix platter, Chicken Curry (inc rice), Black Pepper Beef (inc rice), Curry fish ball (5) (inc ramen noodles).