Nudo Noodle House

Nudo Noodle serve up a sumptuous feast of pan-Asian-style dishes, with a big focus on noodles and jasmine rice. Their menu is a Newcastle favourite, winning 4-stars from the Chronicle Live in 2015 and a very warm review from the Living North blog. Abbreviations: V = VEGETARIAN VE = VEGAN GF = GLUTEN FREE ce = CELERY cr = CRUSTACEAN eg = EGG fi = FISH gl = GLUTEN lu = LUPIN mi = MILK mo = MOLLUSC mu = MUSTARD nu = TREE NUTS pe = PEANUTS se = SESAME so = SOYBEAN su


  • 26 Pan Fried Spring Onion Pancakes (3pc) 葱油饼 (V, VE)star_filled

  • 68 Stir Fried Shredded Duck & Preserved Cabbage in Rice Noodles 雪菜鸭丝炒米线star_filled

  • 94 Sweet & Sour Vegan-Chicken with Rice (V, VE, GF)star_filled

  • S21 Grilled Eel Roll 鳗鱼返卷star_filled

    Grilled Eel, Avocado, Cucumber, Crabstick, Japanese Mayo & Sesame Seeds

  • S34 Salmon Maki Roll 三文鱼小卷 (GF)star_filled

  • 01 Cucumber with Garlic 蒜蓉拍黄瓜 (V, VE, GF)

    served cold