Nudo Noodle House

Nudo Noodle serve up a sumptuous feast of pan-Asian-style dishes, with a big focus on noodles and jasmine rice. Their menu is a Newcastle favourite, winning 4-stars from the Chronicle Live in 2015 and a very warm review from the Living North blog.


  • 14 Garlic Pork Ribs – 4 Pieces (se) (e) (s)star_filled

  • 15 Fried Chicken Karaage (se) (g) (e) (m) (s) (f) (mo) (mu) (ce)star_filled

  • 32 Crispy Shredded Beef in Sweet Chilli Sauce (Spicy) (se) (g) (e) (s)star_filled

  • 65 Tofu & Vegetables on Pan Fried Noodles (v) (se) (g) (e) (s)star_filled

  • 85 Chicken in Sweet and Sour Sauce with Rice (se) (e) (s)star_filled

  • 02 Shredded Beancurd Skin with Coriander (v) (Served Cold) (se) (s)