Noodle Inn Centro

After almost 13 years in business, Noodle Inn are hailed as one of Sheffield’s finest purveyors of Chinese food. Their ‘Big Plates’ are menu highlights, with loads of rice topped with tender, amazingly cooked meats - try the Roast Duck.


  • Sesame Prawn Toast 虾多士star_filled

    Sliced bread topped with savoury prawn mixture and sesame seeds, deep fried until golden

  • 1/4 Crispy Aromatic Duck 1/4 香酥鸭star_filled

    Served with pancake & salad.

  • Beef Slices with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce 豉椒牛肉饭star_filled

  • Honey Roast Pork 叉烧饭star_filled

    *Limited dish available on weekend only* (Friday - Sunday)

  • Fried Noodle with Beansprout 芽菜炒面star_filled

  • FREE Mak Tok Mango Chilli Sauce

    112g. Subject to availability. Best Before Date: March 2024.