Noodle Inn London Road

With an amazingly varied menu, Noodle Inn cooks up old school Western-style Chinese cuisine – and it’s totally delicious. Their Chef’s Specialities are a dip into the extraordinary – with katsu fish, ginger lobster and wok-fried venison.


  • Mixed Platter for 2 (Sesame Prawn Toast, Crispy Seaweed, Spring Rolls, Malaysian Skewered Satay Chicken, Peking Ribs)star_filled


  • 1/4 Crispy Aromatic Duck (Served with Pancake & Salad)star_filled

    1/4 香酥鸭.

  • Crispy Shredded Beefstar_filled

    干炒牛肉丝. Crispy and aromatic strips of beef

  • Chicken in Sweet & Sour Saucestar_filled

    咕噜鸡. A classic favourite. Crispy deep-fried chicken in a tangy, fruity sauce with chunky vegetables

  • Singapore Style Fried Vermicellistar_filled


  • Fish Fillet in Tingling Szechuan Pepperstar_filled

    麻辣水煮鱼片. A hot, flavoursome and addictive Sichuan dish. Tender white fish simmered in an aromatic broth seasoned with Sichuan chilli bean paste and a generous amount of spices.