Nanashi Shoreditch

Nanashi Shoreditch is a pescatarian Japanese restaurant in the heart of Shoreditch. Serving high end sushi and nourishing food for your soul, using only the best ethical and sustainable produce they can find


  • Nanashi Rainbow Roll

    Tempura prawn maki topped with daily market fish.

  • 12 Piece Nigiri Selection

    4 salmon nigiri, 4 tuna nigiri and 4 sea bass nigiri.

  • 16 Piece Nigiri Selection

    Salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, sea bass nigiri and shrimp nigiri.

  • Nanashi Maki Selection

    Spicy tuna, california and salmon avocado maki.

  • Premium Maki Selection

    Soft shell crab maki, shrimp tempura maki, aburi salmon maki.

  • Unagi Donburi (all Sets come with miso and side sa...

    Grilled Eel on rice with pickles and vegetables.