Nanashi Shoreditch

Nanashi Shoreditch is a pescatarian Japanese restaurant in the heart of Shoreditch. Serving high end sushi and nourishing food for your soul, using only the best ethical and sustainable produce they can find


  • Spicy Tuna Makistar_filled

    Fresh tuna with creamy spicy sauce and tempura crunches.

  • Shrimp Tempura Makistar_filled

    Tempura shrimps with avocado and sweet soy.

  • Gyozastar_filled

    Crispy fried dumplings filled with spinach and vegetables.

  • Sushi Burgerstar_filled

    Fried rice buns with creamy raw filling.

  • Kaiso Seaweed Saladstar_filled

  • Combo, Choose Two Items

    Choose two tasty items bundled together for a great lunch bargain.