• Ejje Koussa (V)star_filled

    Lebanese zucchini and cheese fritters, sumac yoghurt.

  • Joojeh Chicken Mezzestar_filled

    Skewered and grilled minced chicken flavoured with turmeric, sumac, lemon and onion paste, sumac yoghurt.

  • Djaj Pickzstar_filled

    Moroccan herb and lemon chicken fillets, mustard yoghurt.

  • Spanakopita Spring Rolls (V)star_filled

    Spinach, garlic and feta pastries, golden fried with tzatziki.

  • Samsunstar_filled

    Classic turkish pide with minced lamb, garlic, tomato and pepper.

  • Keftedes

    Traditional Greek meatballs with creamy garlic tzatziki.