Mamalan Chinese Kitchen. Handmade Dumplings, Baos and Noodles from the heart of Beijing. We can be found in Brixton Market & Clapham, London.


  • Slow Cooked Beef Noodle Soup 文火慢炖牛肉麵star_filled

    Mamalan’s number 1 noodle! Rich and hearty. 8 hour slow cooked beef with our house spices, noodle, coriander, chilli, pak choi. Choice of wheat or rice noodle.

  • Mama Crispy Chicken Baostar_filled

    Our ultimate bao. Chicken marinated in chilli, garlic, ginger, peppercorn. Fried to perfection. Served with sriracha mayo, coriander, chilli, sesame.

  • King Prawn & Water Chestnut Dumplings (5) 蝦餃star_filled

    Chilli oil, lime, coriander, chilli, sesame.

  • Pork & Chinese Cabbage Dumplings (5) 豬肉餃star_filled

    Chilli oil, vinegar, soy sauce, spring onion, chilli, sesame.

  • Mama Hot Wings (6) (wf) 秘製辣翅star_filled

    Some say we have the best wings in London. We let you be the judge.

  • Super Healthy Salad - Chicken 健康雞肉沙律

    Big on taste yet super healthy! Chilli chicken, carrot, beansprout, cucumber, broccoli, coriander, chilli, sesame.