MAI Dim Sum

The team at Mai Dim Sum has created a contemporary, gourmet, dim sum focussed menu for SW London. Order our "Mai Taste” set menu for a great selection of dim sum. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable.


  • Prawn and Bamboo Har Gau (3pcs) 竹笋鲜虾饺 (3 个)star_filled

    Delicious, plump, prawn and bamboo Har Gau, using high quality prawns and only the top part (best) of the bamboo. We have increased the normal size of these to ensure a generous flavour of prawn in every mouthful!

  • Pork and Prawn Shui Mai (3pcs) 猪肉虾烧卖 (3 个)star_filled

    Our towering Shui Mai contain high quality 60% pork and 40% prawn. We finish them on top with a scoop of Tobiko caviar, for a burst of flavour, with each dumpling.

  • Scallop and Chinese Leek Dumplings (3pcs) 带子韭菜饺 (3 个)star_filled

    We wanted a big impact of scallop in these dumplings, so whilst there is scallop in the mixture, we also slice a whole scallop in three pieces to place on top of each dumpling in the portion. The leek balances the flavour fantastically.

  • Sweet Char Siu Bao - Honey Slow Roasted Pork (3pcs) 蜜汁叉烧包 (3 个)star_filled

    We use ten different spices in our marinade and then slow roast the pork in honey before encasing in our amazing Bao.

  • Sesame Prawn Toast (2pcs) 虾多士(2 个)star_filled

    The prawn is King so in each prawn toast, we have 33g of high quality prawn served on a slice of bread with a hint of garlic. A real mouthful of prawn and extra delicious with a touch of our fresh chilli sauce.

  • Meal Dealstar_filled

    Sweet char siu Bao (3pcs) Vegetable Crystal Dumpling (4pcs)