Lokma serves up a sumptuous feast of traditional, Turkish-style dishes, with a big focus on hearty, meaty recipes. If you're after something a bit lighter, their mezes small plates are perfect for sharing, sort of like Turkish tapas.


  • Sigara Börek (V)star_filled

    Filo pastry cigars filled with feta cheese, spinach, parsley, basil.

  • Tavuk / Chicken Shishstar_filled

    Succulent chunks of chicken grilled on skewer.

  • Karışık lzgarastar_filled

    Selection of chicken, lamb, köfte on skewers, lamb and chicken döner.

  • Chicken Shish Wrapstar_filled

    Char-grilled succulent chunks of chicken, mixed salad.

  • Baklava (N)star_filled

    Home-made with pistachios

  • Zeytin / Olives (V)star_filled

    Marinated mix olives with herbs & spices.