Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is a family run business that has been in Leeds for 20 years. They pride themselves in their home-brewed sauces and dressings. Enjoy a large variety of Japanese food with a slight Yorkshire twist!


  • Beef Fillet Teriyaki Bentostar_filled

    Topside beef flambéed in teriyaki sauce.

  • Dancing Salmon (Uramaki)star_filled

    Seared salmon avocado roll topped with Japanese mayo and spring onion.

  • Chicken Curry Ricestar_filled

    Chicken breast fillets, fried in batter served with rice.

  • Yaki Sobastar_filled

    Chicken and assorted veggies stir-fried with wheat noodles.

  • Gyoza (Pork)star_filled

    Pork dumplings lightly pan fried served with soya sauce.

  • Veggie Spring Rollstar_filled

    Mixed vegetables and glass noodle filling. Vegan.