Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo brings the delicate flavours of Japanese cuisine to Leeds’ eating scene – and they’ve got a vast choice of handcrafted sushi and hot mains. Their bento boxes, filled with succulent, marinated meats, are perfect afte a shared helping of nigiri.


  • No.57 Vegetable Yaki Soba (V) (VG)star_filled

    Tofu stir-fried with wheat noodles and lots of different vegetables, garnished with vermicelli.

  • No.81 Dancing Salmon (Uramaki)star_filled

    Seared salmon avocado roll topped with Japanese mayo and spring onions.

  • No.88 Salmon Makistar_filled

    6 pieces of salmon maki.

  • No.37 Gyozastar_filled

    6 dumplings with juicy minced pork filling and a crispy pastry batton.

  • No.38 Veg Gyoza (V) (VG)star_filled

    6 dumplings with glass noodles and Japanese mushroom filling.

  • No.11 Tofu Steak (V) (VG)star_filled

    Has vegan food ever tasted this good?