Lina Stores

Lina Stores delicatessen was Established in Soho in 1944 & now delivers cook at home pasta kits straight to your front door. Containing fresh, handmade pasta with matching sauces, each of the kits can easily be assembled in 3-4 minutes.


  • Stracciatella di Bufala e Pomodori

    Stracciatella, Heirloom Tomatoes, Wild Oregano, Focaccia

  • Prosciutto Veneto Berico, Biscotti al Parmigiano, Mostarda di Pere

    Prosciutto Veneto Berico, Parmesan Biscotti, Pear Mostarda

  • Fagiolini a Cottura Lenta e Pomodori Datterini

    Slow Cooked Green Beans, Datterini Tomatoes, Bruschetta

  • Bresaola, Taleggio, Truffle Butter, Rocket, Focaccia

  • Artichoke, Provolone, Fresh Rocket, Olive Oil, Ciabatta

  • Pici alla Norcina

    Pici, Porcini Mushroom and Sausage Ragu, Parmigiano . How to assemble at home: Bring a pan of generously salted water to the boil. Once boiling, reduce to medium simmer. Add Pici and cook for 2 ½ - 3 mins until slightly “al dente”. Warm the sauce on low heat in a separate pan until heated through. Add the cooked pasta to the sauce with a very small amount of pasta water, if necessary. Toss together, spoon onto plate and finish with grated Parmesan.