Koya is a Japanese udon noodle bar that specialises in freshly made udon noodles in a clear dashi broth, alongside donburi rice bowls and side dishes such as crispy tempura, slowly braised pork belly and marinated mushroom salad.


  • Tempura Udonstar_filled

    Prawn tempura

  • Hiyashi Ten Udonstar_filled

    Prawn and vegetable tempura (on cold udon with cold sauce and garnish)

  • Gyudonstar_filled

    stewed thinly sliced beef on rice (with garnish and pickled ginger)

  • Namayasai Green Saladstar_filled

    Namayasai Farm greens, shiso and spring onion salad

  • Kake Udonstar_filled

    Plain (Hot udon in hot broth)

  • Kitsune Udon

    Fried and cooked sweet tofu and spring onion. Vegetarian Option.