Kappa Sushi

Sushi, sashimi and hot Japanese dishes with a Korean twist


  • Salmon Set (13 Pcs)star_filled

    3 Pieces sashimi and 4 pieces nigiri and 6 pieces salmon avocado roll.

  • Deluxe Set (Salmon, Tuna, Yellow Tail, 18 Pcs)star_filled

    6 Pieces sashimi & 6 pieces nigiri & 6 pieces salmon avocado roll.

  • Gyoza Prawn (5 Pcs)star_filled

    Pan-grilled dumplings with prawn.

  • Salmon Avocado Rollstar_filled

  • Prawn Tempura Rollstar_filled

    Deep fried tiger prawn tempura, asparagus, creamy chilli with tenkatsu.

  • Sausage & Rice cake Skewers(2pcs)star_filled

    with sweet and spicy sauce