Striking the perfect balance between traditional Japanese fare and modern flavours, K10 is known for its expertly crafted sashimi and vibrantly coloured Sushi Value Boxes. We also love their hot offerings, with their Chicken Katsu Curry reigning supreme.


  • Steamed Rice

  • Miso Soup

  • Medium Assorted Sushi

    2x salmon nigri, 1x tuna nigri, 1x prawn nigri, 3x California roll, 2x salmon hosomaki, 2x cucumber hosomaki.

  • Medium Salmon & Tuna

    2x salmon nigiri, 2x tuna nigiri, 2x salmon/avocado roll, 1x spicy tuna roll, 2x salmon hosomaki, 2x tuna hosomaki.

  • Medium Salmon

    4x salmon nigiri, 3x salmon/avocado roll, 4x salmon hosomaki.

  • Medium Vegan Roll Set

    2x inari (sweet tofu) nigiri, 1x courgette nigiri, 1x pepper nigiri, 3x avocado/cucumber roll, 2x avocado roll, 2x cucumber roll.