Home Sweet Home


  • Chicken in a "Basket"star_filled

    Tender buttermilk crispy fried chicken, seasoned fries, house slaw, hickory smoked BBQ sauce, our famous chicken gravy. (G- wheat) (e) (p) (soyabeans) (m) (n) (ce) (mu) (sulphites).

  • Dude Where's My Caesarstar_filled

    Baby gem, sun-dried tomato, avocado, croutons, house pickled red onion, buttermilk fried chicken, smoked bacon, shaved parmesan with a totally kick ass roast green chilli caesar dressing. Dude, sweet. (G- wheat, rye) (e) (soyabeans) (m) (n - wallnuts, almonds) (ce) (mu) (se) (sulphites).

  • Loaded Friesstar_filled

    Sweet potato and regular fries topped melted cheddar, cheese sauce and bacon rain. (G) (e) (p) (soyabeans) (m) (n) (ce) (mu) (sulphites).

  • Stacked Pancakesstar_filled

    Three fluffy signature pancakes, served with cinnamon crunch, maple syrup & whippy cream

  • Avocado on Toast (v)

    Ripe avocados tumbled with house dessing, leaves, soft poached eggs, smoked chilli on sourdough toast

  • Breakfast Burrito

    Bacon, spiced sausage, scrambled egg, cheese, pitt style beans, house hash, pico, taco sauce, chipotle sour cream. (G- wheat) (e) (p) (soyabeans) (m) (n) (ce) (mu) (se) (sulphites).