One of Manchester’s first noodle bars, Fuzion celebrate the versatility of the noodle across Asian cuisine **Please be aware we are currently operating a limited menu which is subject to change**


  • Spinach Gyoza (5)star_filled

    V, Ve.

  • Salt & Pepper Squidstar_filled

    Squid with chillies, peppers, spring onions & garlic.

  • Korean Spicy Chicken Wings (6)star_filled

  • Hangover Chicken Katsustar_filled

  • Crispy Sweet Chilli Beefstar_filled

    Crispy shredded beef, peppers, carrots & broccoli cooked in a thick sweet and spicy sauce

  • Veggie Spring Rolls

    Dried shitake mushrooms, wood ear, cabbage & korean sweet potato vermicelli with sweet chilli dip. V, Ve.